Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go Vinyl

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Format : LP Vinyl
Release Date : 29 Mar 2019
Barcode : 0602577427664

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When we fall asleep where do we all go?  is the debut studio of the young, talented American singer and songriter, Billie Eilish. Eilish largely co-wrote the album with her brother Finneas O' Connell, who produced its music at his small bedroom studio. Singles include mega hit "Bad Guy," as well as "You should see me in a Crown" and "Bury a Friend" Available from Stomping Parrot Records, a Canadian Vinyl Record Store

Track Listing

Side A

1. !!!!!!!   0.14

2. bad guy   3.14

3. xanny   4.04

4. you should see me in a crown   3.01

5. all the good girls go to hell   2.49

6. wish you were gay   3.42

7. when the party's over   3.16

Side B

8. 8   2.53

9. my strange addiction   3.00

10. bury a friend   3.13

11. ilomilo   2.36

12. listen before you go   4.03

13. i love you   4.52

14. goodbye   1.59

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